About Grey Innovation

Established in 1998, Grey Innovation is a leading technology commercialisation company. 

About Grey Innovation

Who We Are

Active in medtech, cleantech, and defence sectors, Grey Innovation operates a scalable platform to unlock the best Intellectual Property and fast track it to commercial success.

Grey Innovation Group is a leading technology commercialisation company committed to unlocking the most promising research and developing technology to protect people and planet.

Founded in 1998, Grey Innovation Group is recognised internationally for operating a scalable platform to unlock the best IP and trast-tracking it to commercial success. Its model of repeating the startup process across multiple sectors allows for a unique and successful skillset.

Its proven track record and relationships with institutions, industry and governments puts Grey Innovation Group at the forefront of unrealised IP opportunities.


Board of Directors

Portfolio Board

All AWEAR Canopy Blue Cardia Osmetric Eco Detection GreyScan TALi Track Alert System (TAS)

Value Creation

Building blocks to success

  • Design, Test and Validation tools
  • Mechanical, Software and Electronic design libraries
  • Proprietary IoT platform
  • Proprietary small-footprint robust embedded operating system
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation Tools
  • Synergistic project and technology pipelines
  • Quality Systems including ISO13485, ISO 9001
  • Commercial, Governance and Administration Processes
  • International Corporate Advisory network
  • Access to Capital Markets
Experience & Brand
  • Extensive talent pool – team, Management, & Board
  • Grant and other funding expertise
  • 20+ years experience

Allows Grey (and its investors) to share in the value it creates.

New Co benefits from skilled partner whose interests are aligned to create value.

Value Proposition

1 Evaluation

We select the best IP that is differentiated worldwide with the best chance of commercial success.

  • Deep sector knowledge and expertise through our knowledge in the industry over 20 years and our network of experts in portfolio companies and in the broader network.
  • A rigorous process of selection and comparison of opportunities to gate only the best.

2 Development

We have the tools to fast track converting IP into commercially available products. We build only what we don't already have.

  • Deep technical expertise including in-application development, wearables, and loT devices.
  • A proven product platform library delivers many elements of a new product 'out of the box'. including major software, electronic and mechanical components, billing, data security and regulatory compliant validation tools.
  • Expertise at obtaining certifications, regulatory approvals and operating commercial manufacturing processes.
  • Project management discipline to track all aspects of the build and testing process and a history of bringing products to market on time while solving the most complex technical challenges.

3 Commercialisation

We have the experience and networks to build valuable companies.

  • Expertise in developing business models, commercial negotiations and partnerships, building companies and attracting investors. We leverage our network of experienced executives to bring the right skilled personnel at the right time.


Our business & methodology

  • Vertical integration, from evaluation to commercialisation increases speed of value creation and reduces chance of loss (e.g. time to market and founder and IP risks).
  • Deep tech and engineering problems require skills that neither start-ups nor large corporates can leverage easily - we have the knowledge, methodology, and tech pool.
  • Portfolio approach and network allows cross pollination of ideas, capability, and relationships across portfolio.
  • We believe in participating in the value creation along the journey and maintaining our stake in stand-out successes.


  • Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Business Case
  • Risks
  • Licensing


  • Project Planning
  • Requirements
  • System
  • Architecture
  • Cost Estimates
  • Feasibility


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Mechanical
  • Prototype

Build & Test

  • Hardware Build
  • Software Coding
  • Validation Test
  • Compliance Testing
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Final Design


  • Commercialisation
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Partnering
  • Funding


  • Trade Sale
  • IPO


Vertically integrated commercialisation – a better model

Features Grey Innovation Startup/Venture Company Corporate Innovation Accelerator
Background IP World leading Company only Occasionally Limited, narrow
Access to IP Global Network Occasionally Company only Limited
Technical / Engineering Depth In house/contracted Must hire Divert resources or hire Limited, must hire, junior
Sector Experience Domain experts run each spinout Unlikely Yes Sometimes
Business Acumen Proven senior team Varies Unlikely Unlikely
Commercialisation Known partners New relationships Competes for resources Limited relationships
Chance of Failure Lowest High Medium Medium


Research Institute Global & Channel Partners

State Government of Victoria
National Health and Medical Research Council
HP Invent
Monash University
Global Kinetics
Monash Vision Group
The Alfred Hospital
Eastern Health
Australian Research Council
St Vincents Hospital
Charles Sturt University
Peter Mac
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Royal Eye and Ear Hospital
University of Melbourne
Australian National University
Telstra Eureka