October 26th 2021

Grey Innovation Investment Partners appoints new Directors to the Board

Grey Innovation Investment Partners appoints new Directors to the Board

October 26th 2021

Grey Innovation Investment Partners appoints new Directors to the Board

Grey Innovation Investment Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Elizabeth Court and Susan Oliver AM to the Board of Directors. They join Matt McNamara, Managing Director and Jefferson Harcourt, Executive Director.

Elizabeth Court is an economist with over 30 years’ experience in banking, treasury and consulting roles in public and private arenas and has a keen interest in emerging markets and technology.

Currently, a main role is directing a membership group of HNW families and helping them make their wealth meaningful through engagement in philanthropy, family dynamics and investment opportunities. 

A member of the AICD, Elizabeth is the vice- chair of an independent private school, Court Grammar, a trustee of the Sir Frank Ledger Trust, Non-Executive director NuFortune group, a clean gold resource company and the Sir Charles Court Foundation.

Susan Oliver AM is a graduate of the Building Course at Melbourne University and was the first female to start and complete the course.

Susan has served as non-executive director and chair of listed and unlisted companies, charitable and arts organisations in Australia for more than 30 Years. She is an advocate of diversity and committed to the environmental sustainability and innovation agendas of the corporate world. She is the independent member of the Investment Committee for IFM Investors which invests in major infrastructure, such as roads, ports, airports, water infrastructure globally on behalf of the industry superfunds.

She is an experienced, confident and successful investor in technology-based start-ups.  She is co-founder of a tech company that has developed solutions to data integrity, customer centric systems, digital credentialisation, the low-risk rapid proof of concept agenda in information engineering.

In 2013, Susan was co-founder and founding chairman of Scale Investors, now an established and successful female focused angel investing network.

Susan co-founded The Big Issue in Australia, headed the Australian Commission for the Future and has contributed significantly to the innovation, IT and arts policy agendas in Australia. She was a British Council Scholar, was awarded a Centenary medal for service to business in 2001 and in 2019 was awarded an Order of Australia for services to women and business.

She is currently chair of Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen, the Alice Anderson Fund, The Wheeler Centre, a member of the advisory board for Fishermans Bend and Melbourne Theatre Company and an advisor to NuraSpace.

Grey Innovation Investment Partners aims to create technology that enhances the way we live and use our planet, without causing harm or depleting natural resources. With a $100M Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP), Grey Innovation Investment Partners is decreasing the traditional risk of the ESVCLP model by investing in sophisticated start-up companies.

For more information on the opportunity, contact Matt McNamara, Managing Director.


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