October 20th 2020

GreyScan CEO on 3AW Breakfast

GreyScan CEO on 3AW Breakfast

October 20th 2020

GreyScan CEO on 3AW Breakfast

Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft spoke with GreyScan CEO, Samantha Ollerton:

An Australian counterterrorism company has swapped bomb detection for virus detection in a bid to help fight COVID-19.

GreyScan is working on a breathalyser and surface tester which can detect COVID-19 in less than three minutes.

GreyScan CEO, Samantha Ollerton, said the swap was “a natural pivot”.

“After 9/11 … one of the key things that we did then was look at how we could repurpose technology, especially from the healthcare business, into finding explosives,” she told Ross and Russel.

“For us it was a natural pivot to think about how we could utilise counterterrorism bomb detection technology and redesign it, repurpose it, for virus detection.”

 The company is on track to have breath and surface testing available “probably in the second half of next year”.
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