Grey Innovation • August 25th 2021

Easy ways to becoming a greener business

Easy ways to becoming a greener business

Grey Innovation • August 25th 2021

Easy ways to becoming a greener business

Investors and consumers are favouring environmentally conscious companies.  As the world moves towards a carbon net-zero future by 2050, we all need to adapt our businesses as major contributors to carbon emissions.

There are a myriad of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. Not only will it contribute towards a more sustainable future and position our business as environmentally friendly, there’s the added bonus of saving money through greater efficiencies in all of our operations.

Improve recycling: This can be as simple as installing recycling bins around our workplace with clear colouring and messaging to inspire staff to recycle. It can also extend to our products and packaging. We can also start using more recycled materials to reduce your carbon footprint.

Monitor and reduce your energy consumption: Smart metres deliver all the data we need to manage and reduce electricity consumption.

Turn to renewable energy sources: Solar power has become highly accessible, along with battery storage solutions. 

Reduce company travel: While the pandemic is limiting air travel, this applies to road travel as well. Businesses with a fleet can install a telematics system and use the data to develop more efficient business travel systems.

Encourage car-pooling: Create incentives for our workers to carpool to further reduce our carbon footprint outside of the workplace.

Improve your lighting: We can make a massive difference just by switching out incandescent lighting with LED replacements. These are far more efficient and will last much longer, also reducing the old lighting and volume of rubbish we're throwing away.

Reduce your HVAC usage: Our heating and cooling systems are a major power drain and a large cause of emissions. Ensure they are regularly serviced and maintained as inefficient HVAC solutions (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) will use even more electricity. Make sure the workplace is not too hot or cold, and turn off HVAC systems in spaces where there are no people working.

Limit the number of consumables that reach landfill: Encourage a culture of re-using items, rather than simply throwing them in the bin. This can include reusable water bottles and coffee cups, which can make a massive difference over the course of a year.

Eliminate single-use plastics: This will not only improve our corporate carbon footprint, but help in the fight to prevent these plastics from reaching our waterways and causing major problems in our eco-systems.

Offset your emissions: The emissions that we can't eliminate can be offset by investing in environmental projects that are helping to suck carbon out of the sky through large-scale tree planting activities and other projects.

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