Matt McNamara

Matt McNamara

Matt is passionate about commercialising promising human healthcare technologies.

He continues to invest in and commercialise great healthcare technologies through an exciting portfolio of executive/non-executive board and advisory roles.

Matt has over 30 years' experience in the healthcare and medical sciences sector, more than 20 years as a venture capitalist and 14 years as CIO at BioScience Managers (4 funds. >$200M FUM. > 20%IRR).

He is former CEO of SciCapital pre-seed fund and prior to that, he served as SVP Business Development for eBioninformatics Inc. Initially, Matt spent over a decade in the pharma industry working in Sales & Marketing with Merck & Co. and in General Management at Johnson and Johnson Medical Pty Ltd. 

Matt holds a BsC (Hons) in Molecular Biology, a MBA and is GAICD.