In Australia, Government expenditure on science, research and innovation averages $9.4 billion per annum. Astonishingly, less than 1% is spent on commercialisation. When great technology is not commercialised, we as a society should be concerned.

Economic growth is driven by technological innovation, but in Australia, the commercialisation of innovative research into marketable products is often undermined by a funding formula that does not work. Verde responded to this opportunity by positioning themselves at the forefront of philanthropy; Verde is all about linking investors with industry know-how, so that innovative research can become commercial realities.

Verde is sustained by two investment instruments; the Verde Foundation and the Verde Innovation Fund. Both structures provide complimentary investment objectives; to change the way social investment is viewed in the commercialisation sector, to translate Australian research, and to deliver products that benefit society.

The Foundation will focus on early stage device-related solutions with the potential to become “game changers” in the Healthcare and Environment markets, which historically struggle to engage productively with private investors or established industry.