TALI is a breakthrough in Autism Spectrum and Developmental Delay Disorder assessment and treatment in children.

There is a high prevalence of Australian children with Developmental Disabilities (DD), estimated conservatively at 650,000. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) currently affects over 41,000 Australian children. Each of these children requires assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Improvements and interventions in early development are key to improving the learning potential, however many children with DD are not receiving appropriate educational support and services. Furthermore, current diagnostic devices do not have empirical evidence to substantiate their effectiveness.

Grey Innovation is developing a world first attention training program which aims to increase the attention and concentration skills of autistic and developmentally delayed children. The portable device will also serve as a breakthrough measurement tool for diagnosis, and will offer parents and clinicians clear, objective measurements and quantifiable improvements in areas crucial for learning and social interaction. 

To achieve this, a specialised multidisciplinary project team of neuroscientists, psychologists and Grey Innovation engineers has been assembled. This team includes cognitive neuroscientist and world- leading expert in neuro-developmental disorders, Professor Kim Cornish. 


Attention is fundamental to every day function and critical to learning. Significant development occurs before 7 years of age.

Area: Medtech

Partners: Monash University and Australian Research Council