The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph (PKG) is a ground breaking medical device for the management of Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

The smart wrist-worn device remotely records data about a patient’s movement and via proprietary algorithms, provides a report for the patient’s neurologist, showing an objective measure of the presence and severity of bradykinesia and dyskinesia, the two key disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

The PKG system allows a neurologist to objectively record movement symptoms, and see how a patient is responding to their medication and treatment regime. It helps the neurologist to assess the current state of a patient’s PD and thereby prescribe the right type and amount of medication at the right time.

The PKG system offers a new quality of life for sufferers of this incurable disease, and will lower patient management costs for governments and health insurers.

Grey Innovation worked closely with researchers from the Florey Neuroscience Institute in Melbourne to develop the prototype device, and has subsequently received funding through the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund managed by Brandon Capital and the Victorian Government.

Global Kinetics Corporation released the commercial PKG System in key global markets in late 2012.

Approximately one in 100 Australians over the age of sixty lives with some form of Parkinson’s Disease.

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Client: Global Kinetics Corporation