The Percepscion Home Energy Monitor is a real-time device which displays energy consumption data to users in a bid to reduce bills and promote energy efficient behaviour. 

The cost of energy is rising and will continue to rise significantly over the next few years. This rise has increased consumer awareness towards daily energy consumption and prompted a desire to be moreenergyefficient,primarilytoreducemonthly energy costs.

It has been repeatedly shown in international studies that actively displaying energy use to the consumer leads to a reduction and optimisation of their energy consumption.

The existing approach for energy monitoring rely on a strong initiative from the consumer to engage with their energy usage. The end result is inefficient energy usage leading to higher energy bills for the consumer and higher peak loads for the energy distributor. The In-Home-Display (IHD) is designed to be a passive part of a user’s day-to-day life. The IHD (mounted to a fridge or bench top) provides the user with real-time energy consumption data directly from their Smart Meter. This data is uniquely presented in an elegant and user- friendly format to deliver immediate and lasting behavioural change. An online portal for the energy distributor was also developed which links the user to their energy usage history. 

The project was initially funded from an Market Validation Program; a Victorian Government initiative. Subsequently, a spin off venture called Percepscion was formed to commercialise the In- Home Display and other technologies developed under the Grey / DiUS Partnership. The project was successful in that Grey Innovation was able to setup manufacturing facilities, obtain electrical compliance and sell units to a state wide power distribution company.

Percepscion will now be the sole distributor of In-Home Display for Origin Energy, one of Australia’s largest power distribution companies. 


The global smart electric meter market will reach $10.7 billion by 2020.

Area: Environment

Partners: DiUS and the Victorian Government