Optalert is a real-time, alertness monitoring system for the reduction of road accidents caused by operator fatigue. 

Being drowsy significantly increases the risk of accident. It makes operators less aware of what is happening and impairs their ability to respond quickly and safely if a dangerous situation arises.

Optalert is a alertness monitoring system that empowers drivers with real-time information about their level of alertness and their risk of a drowsy incident during a journey – helping drivers stay aware, productive and safer by allowing them to take appropriate actions for their current alertness level.

There are several sub-systems within the Optalert system including the Indicator Panel and Supervisory Hub. The indicator panel allows a driver to see at a glance their own fluctuating alertness level displayed as a score from 0 to 10.

The Supervisory Hub is used within the Optalert Vehicle System to extend the functionality of an existing Off-The-Shelf, in-car processor. 

In 2008, Optalert products became commercially available. Since then, Optalert have continually redefined and improved the software and hardware to exceed market demands, including launching a new military spec robust design in 2012.

Grey Innovation was responsible for managing the production of several of the sub-systems within the Optalert system such as the Indicator panel and the Supervisory Hub. Grey Innovation also ensured that the units were certified to meet stringent automotive standards for sale in Australia, United States of America and Europe.


Driver drowsiness and fatigue is believed to contribute to more than 30% of road crashes, and many more in workplaces.

Area: Safety & Security 

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