Queensland Government Selects Grey Innovation for Great Barrier Reef Project

The Queensland Government are funding industry to work with the Queensland public sector to develop technology solutions for identified challenges through the Advance Queensland Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative. Grey Innovation has been selected to take part in the feasibility stage for the development of an affordable fine-scale water quality monitoring technology for the Great Barrier Reef Catchment. This challenge was nominated by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and supports the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program to protect the health of the Great Barrier Reef. The Queensland government was impressed by the solution proposed by Grey Innovation, which addresses a global water quality monitoring challenge. Grey Innovation are excited to be a part of this program. For the full announcement, please see click here.


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Congratulations to MedTech’s Got Talent 2016 finalists

Grey Innovation is a proud supporter and mentor of the annual MedTech’s Got Talent competition. The competition coaches medical device start-ups through innovation challenges, with the final teams winning up to $60,000. This year’s gala was enthusiastically opened by the Hon. Philip Dalidakis MP, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, who highlighted Victoria’s central place in Australia’s strong start-up culture. Congratulations to Grey’s two teams, and My Golgi, innovation in physiological monitoring, and Melbourne Rapid Fieldsbringing certified glaucoma eye testing into the home. 

More informationhttp://medtechchallenge.com/

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Grey’s ongoing commitment to sight restoration

With active projects in sight restoration with both the Bionic Eye Project [http://www.greyinnovation.com/bionic-eye] and Glaucoma [http://www.greyinnovation.com/glaucoma-implant], Grey Innovation was proud to support a team of 16 walkers to compete the 30km Coast Trek to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. The team joined over 1900 other walkers to raise $1.4 Million to "see a world in which no person is needlessly blind and Indigenous Australians exercise their right to good health”. Congratulations Coastrek Chicks!

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Grey Team receives B-HERT Commendation for Best Research Translation 2016

The TALI project, technology which assists children with attention disabilities [http://www.talihealth.com], was awarded a special commendation for Best Research Translation 2016 at the recent B-HERT awards. This project was commended for the effective commercialisation of research and on the strong working relationship between Industry and Research, encompassing Grey Innovation, Torus Games and Monash School of Psychological Sciences. TALI is an interactive gaming program which assists children with developmental disabilities, such as  autism and Down Syndrome, to stay focused, and has brought together cognitive neuroscience, professional gaming, and sophisticate data analytics. 

For more information: http://www.bhert.com/award-winners/2016%20Award%20Winner%20Summary/2016-BHERT-Award-Winners-Summaries.pdf

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GreyScan Technology Featured on ABC News

GreyScan has been featured in ABC news as the next generation in trace explosive detection technology. Based on research conducted at the University of Tasmania, Grey Innovation is developing this ground breaking product.

"This can detect homemade bombs, the types of bombs in the Oklahoma bombings, Boston bombings and perhaps London and Madrid," Professor Breadmore said.

Jefferson Harcourt from Grey Innovation said that the increasing threat of global terrorism was demanding better technology. "The threat is always moving and it's incumbent on engineers and scientists around the world to keep ahead of the threat”.

For the full article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-21/big-hopes-for-utas-greyscan-bomb-detection-innovation/7862928

For more information on GreyScan: http://www.greyinnovation.com/greyscan-explosive-detector

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Grey Innovation Germany presents at Medizin Innovativ- Med Tech Summit

Grey Innovation Germany GmbH impressed a very large audience with their presentation “Innovative Sensing for People with Chronic Diseases” at Medizin Innovativ, presented by Peter Gersing.

Medizin Innovativ - MedTech Summit 2016 is an international congress in Nueremberg, Germany for the medical and health care sector. The interactive structure of the congress opens up numerous network opportunities and offers access to cooperation in research and development.

"Medicine Innovative - MedTech Summit 2016 underscores the importance of medical technology for Bavaria” says the Bavaria's Economics Vice-Minister Franz Josef Pschierer. In Bavaria alone, more than 1,000 companies with around 80,000 employees are active in this field. Two-thirds of medical products from Bavaria are exported.

The central theme of the Summit this year was digitization, with future innovations in medical digitization as a key focus. This is a core competency of Grey Innovation, with Grey’s experience and technological capability in medical digitalization highlighted throughout the presentation.

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs specifically supports the Health industry, providing crucial infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities of digitization for the healthcare industry.

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Prime Minister seeks out leading Australian Innovation

As part of Engineers Australia showcase of Australian Innovation, our Business Development Manager impressed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with the Grey Innovation business model. Key Grey Innovation products such as Tali, Firefly, Cardia and GreyScan were on display and Mr. Turnbull was excited to see “the innovation system at work” and passed on his congratulations to the team.

Business Development Manager Grace Lethlean explaining the Grey business model to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he seeks out leading Australian innovation.

Business Development Manager Grace Lethlean explaining the Grey business model to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he seeks out leading Australian innovation.

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The Bionic Eye project is set to perform their first human trials this year, as recently reported in New Scientist. This breakthrough technology will assist in restoring vision in people without a working retina; “you don’t need an eyeball at all” says Professor Arthur Lowery from Monash University. A camera mounted on a pair of glasses feeds information directly to the brain via an implant placed directly on the area of the brain that process visual signals. This world-first cortical implant has the potential to benefit up to 85% of the clinically blind.

Australian volunteers who have recently lost their sight due to injury will be initially targeted for the trial.

For the full article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22830521-700-bionic-eye-will-send-images-direct-to-the-brain-to-restore-sight/

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TALI Finalist in National Innovation Awards

TALI, innovative technology tackling childhood inattention, has been chosen as a finalist in the annual The Australian Innovation Challenge awards. This world first tablet technology is designed to assist children with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome, stay focused, and is aimed at facilitating learning and inclusion within the school environment. The news was announced in The Australian over the weekend with finalists awarded on Wednesday 25th November. Professor Kim Cornish, Director of the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences, said that the awards recognised how technologies can revolutionise the ways all children are taught. “TALI is a real game changer as it assists children with developmental disabilities who often get left behind in traditional education settings,” she said.

For further information see Monash computer technology a finalist in 'The Australian' Innovation Awards (http://monash.edu/news/show/monash-computer-technology-a-finalist-in-the-australian-innovation-awards?utm_source=monash-memo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Monash%20Memo%20-%20Weekly%20email%2025%20November%202015)

For announcement in The Australian see Shell Innovation Challenge: virtual learning, care for others (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/innovationchallenge/shell-innovation-challenge-virtual-learning-care-for-others/story-fnj8dpqq-1227617220024)

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Innovation Award Winner

The background technology to Greyscan, Scantex, has been awarded the inaugural 2015 Innovative Tasmania Awards, announced in Launceston.  These awards recognise five categories for innovations that have had an impact on Tasmania. Categories include Food and Beverage Production; Science, Technology and Transport; Sport, Leisure and The Arts; Politics, Governance and Security; and Community and Environment.

Grey Innovation was delighted to learn that Scantex won the category for innovation within Politics, Governance and Security. This technology is a world first in explosive detection due to its ability to detect military, commercial, and homemade inorganic explosives. This overcomes limitations with existing screening techniques which struggle to detect these forms of explosives.

For more information on the Innovative Tasmania Awards: 


For more information on GreyScan:


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