17 DECEMBER 2014
Monash’s Bionic Eye project has received a $3 million boost, which will allow the project to transition from the engineering phase to human clinical trials next year.
As announced in the Age article, ‘Monash’s bionic eye closer to human trials’ (2/12/2014), Monash Vision Group announced that Dr Marc Bensen and Monash University Chancellor Alan Finkel have each donated $1 million to the project through their respective foundations.  Monash University has matched this commitment, adding a further $1 million to the project.
"This comes at a very good time as it will get us to human trials just as the Australian Research Council funding comes to an end," Monash Vision Group director Arthur Lowery said.
"It means we can keep the team together and the expertise and know-how which is so critical to high-tech projects."
The Monash Vision Group is a collaboration between Monash University, Alfred Health, MiniFAB and Grey Innovation.
The team is developing a device that restores sight by wirelessly transmitting signals to an implant placed directly on the region of the brain that processes vision signals. This can provide treatment for the majority of currently un-treatable forms of blindness.
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Posted on December 17, 2014 and filed under Medtech.