In an exceptional move, two of Grey’s Technology Solutions have been selected for the Victorian Government’s Driving Business Innovation Programs (DBIP). Over the coming months Grey will deliver feasibility studies into both a Non-Invasive Bedside Lung Imaging device, and a Novel Non-invasive Heart Failure device.

DBIP supports Victorian SMEs to develop new products and services for government agencies. Technology Challenge submissions selected from Victorian hospitals are open to tender response from Victorian SMEs. SMEs are selected by the hospitals based on the quality of their solution and work with the hospitals to produce a feasibility study into the solution.

Through this program Grey is currently working with The Royal Children’s Hospital, to investigate a real-time lung-imaging device that will allow for the safe intubation and subsequent ventilation of unwell children, without the use of an X-Ray. Additionally, Grey is working with Alfred Health to investigate a non-invasive method to monitor fluid status in heart failure patients, which will help identify fluid buildup and allow earlier intervention before it results in an adverse health event.


Posted on September 15, 2014 and filed under Medtech.