The Lung Function Monitoring device is an innovative medical device which verifies the success of intubation in neonatal and paediatric patients, preventing the risk of life threatening complications. 

Intubation is a clinical intervention to assist patient in breathing. This procedure involves the insertion of an artificial breathing tube into the airway, allowing the patient to receive air into their lungs. Intubation is particularly challenging to perform in neonatal and paediatric patients due to their smaller airways, with difficulties occurring in more than 25% of intubation episodes.

X-ray is currently the most commonly used way to determining whether the breathing tube has been positioned correctly. However, there are often long waiting times associated with using X-ray. This technology also exposes the patient to potentially harmful radiation and only provides an instantaneous snapshot of the tube position, which may critically change during patient movement.

The Lung Function Monitoring device will utilise Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) based technology to provide a non-invasive means of determining whether air is reaching the patient’s lungs, allowing intubation success to be verified. The unique design of the system’s electrode belts will ensure that this device is easy to use and can be placed on babies of different sizes. 

Grey Innovation has partnered with the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, the largest provider of paediatric healthcare in Victoria, Australia to evaluate the feasibility of developing an innovative lung function monitoring and intubation verification system to reduce the rate of intubation associated complications.

This project received funding from the Victorian Government to perform a feasibility study into the technology, leading to fully funded development work. 

Area: Medtech

Partners: Royal Children's Hospital