The Heart Failure Monitoring Device is an innovative device which will assist in the monitoring of fluid status and allow for improved management of heart failure risk. 

Heart failure is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Australia, and throughout the world, affecting more than 300,000 Australians each year. This condition places a significant economic burden on the Australian healthcare system, costing over $1 billion annually. This cost is largely due to high hospitalisation rates, with 50% of heart failure patients re- admitted within six months of discharge.

The development of a heart failure monitoring device would assist in the early identification of heart failure risk, allowing for rapid intervention to be provided. This will improve patient outcomes and reduce hospitalisation rates.

The Heart Failure Monitor will take leg bio- impedance measurements to detect and track changes in body fluid accumulation, which is a common precursor to heart failure. The wearable design of the Heart Failure Monitor will allow for its use both in home and clinical settings. Data recorded by the device will be accessible by clinical staff, allowing patients to be monitored remotely. 

Grey Innovation has partnered with the Alfred Hospital, a global leader in cardiac patient treatment and care, to evaluate the feasibility of developing an innovative system to assist in the management of heart failure and reduce the risk of re-hospitalisation.

This project received funding from the Victorian Government to perform a feasibility study into the technology, leading to fully funded development work. 


Area: Medtech

Partners: Alfred Hospital