dorsaVi is a world-first wireless wearable sensor system which objectively measures movement and muscle activity. It provides highly accurate data to athletes, physiotherapists and back pain sufferers

dorsaVi is composed of four small lightweight sensors and a recording device that are non- invasive and easy to wear.

The device has multiple applications, allowing a health care professional to stream information live to a computer screen and see a patient’s movement in real time. Alternatively, a patient can wear the device outside of the clinic where it captures their movement in the real world environment and can be programmed to alert the patient when they are placing strain on their back.

Currently there are three main applications for the dorsaVi system; ViMove, ViPerform and ViSafe. 

Initially, Grey Innovation was commissioned to develop a commercial system for clinical trial.

Following successful clinical trials and extensive field testing, Grey Innovation then developed the first generation of dorsaVi for mass production and global roll-out.

Grey Innovation ensured that the dorsaVi system was TGA certified and compliance testing was undertaken to allow for sale within Australia, Europe and the USA.

Grey Innovation established manufacturing in South East Asia for dorsaVi, and successfully managed the off shore production. For more information visit: 

Area: Medtech

Partners: dorsaVi (formerly known as Pro Active Medical)